8" F/5 Reflector

                                                          Art No. : GS630-8" F/5 EQ Reflector 

GSO SVD series 8" F/5 Reflector is very high quality telescope on the market. For maximum contrast the secondary mirror spider vanes have been optimized to be as thin as possible without losing stability, it doesn't like many Newtonians have quite thick spider vanes which results in a loss of contrast and image sharpness.

The very precisely figured parabolical primary mirror of this telescope is made by BK7 optical glass that is free of internal stress, thermic properties are generally better than float glass and it housed in a high-ventilation aluminum cell with cooling fan.  

So, this GSO 200/1000mm Newtonian not only suited for photography and for observing deep sky objects (Galaxies, nebulae, ...), but also for observing the moon and the planets.
The stable German equatorial mounts with two slow motion controls on both axes for easy and smooth tracking. An optional single axis 12v DC drive system is available for electronic guiding. Strict adherence to GSO tough quality standards for manufacturing and assembly and testing ensures that each telescope performs well, the detail information and standard accessories of 8" F/5 EQ reflector as follow:



* 8" Parabolic primary mirror 

* Focal length: 1000mm, F/5

* 2" Precision 10:1 Micro Crayford Style focuser

* Heavy-duty EQ mount

* Aluminum adjustable tripod


Standard accessories:


* 8x 50mm fully multi-coated achromatic Finder

* 4x 20mm Polar-alignment scope

* Premium Plossl 9mm (1.25")

* Premium SuperView 30mm (2") 

* Moon filter included

* Large accessories tray

* 7lbs (Pair) Counterweights

* 18mm Counterweight shaft

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