6" F/8 Dobsonian-D

Art No. : GS580D-6" F/8 M-CRF Dobsonian

The GSO Dobsonian line is particular model serves a very clear purpose, to offer a large aperture and an excellent image quality at reasonable cost.

Set-up is as easy as you can imagine very simple assembly with the rocker box and put it on the ground, insert the telescope tube and put the springs in position and you're ready to go to navigates through the night sky by simply moving the tube up or down, or side to side, by hand.


* 6" Parabolic primary mirror 

* Focal length: 1200mm, F/8

* 31mm secondary mirror

* Enhanced aluminum coating 94% reflectivity

* 2" Mirco 10:1 Crayford CNC style focuser w/1.25" Eyepiece adapter

* 3 points mirror cell 

*  Roller bearing wood base

*  Brake side bearing system

Standard accessories:

* 6x 30mm fully multi-coated achromatic Finder

* Premium Plossl 9mm (1.25")

* Premium Plossl 25mm (1.25")

* 35mm extension tube (2")

* 2" & 1.25"  Eyepieces tray 

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