8" F/6 Dobsonian-D


 Art No. : GS680D-8" F/6 Dobsonian

This telescope is easy to operate even for a beginner, The primary mirror use optical quality BK7 glas features a parabolic finish that minimizes optical distortion when observing at high magnifications. Its surface is covered with a special aluminum enhance coating with a reflectivity index of 92% to 96%. This has a positive effect on the contrast and brightness of the transmitted picture.

The back cover of the telescope tube features a cooling fan. It makes the thermos stabilization of optics almost two times faster so that you can start observations much faster.

The telescope features a classic Dobsonian mount. It has a conventional design and all the advantages of this mount type, but at the same time its mechanics has been significantly improved. A special brake system side bearing for smooth tube movement allows you to move the optical tube a few centimeters up or down. When using additional attachments, this will quickly balance the telescope and maximize stability.

There are scales on the mount sides for convenient balancing. In addition, the bearings are durable and provide a smoother movement, which is important when using the telescope at high magnifications.


* 8" Parabolic primary mirror 

* Focal length: 1200mm, F/6

* 50mm secondary mirror

* Enhanced aluminum coating 94% reflectivity

* 2" Mirco 10:1 Crayford CNC style focuser w/1.25" Eyepiece adapter

* 3 points mirror cell w/12V cooling fan

* Roller bearing wood base

* Brake side bearing system


Standard accessories:

* 8x 50mm fully multi-coated achromatic Finder

* Premium Plossl 9mm (1.25")

* Premium widefield SV30mm (2")  

* 35mm extension tube 2"

* 2" & 1.25" Eyepieces tray 

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