Secondary Mirror

We offer secondary flat mirrors to match the complete telescope set request, our elliptic flat mirror has the same high optical quality of our parabolic primary mirrors.
All mirrors have an enhance aluminum reflective coating, reflectivity is approximately 93%. The aluminum coating is protected by a properly applied protective coating (SiO2). Any custom made flat mirrors should be welcome!


Item No. Aperture F/Ratio Thickness Material PS.
AD041 28mm Flat 8mm BK7 Elliptic
AD012 31mm Flat 10mm BK7 Elliptic
AD046 46mm Flat 10mm BK7 Elliptic
AD007 50mm Flat 10mm BK7 Elliptic
AD047 62mm Flat 10mm BK7 Elliptic
AD091 68mm Flat 12mm BK7 Elliptic
AD009 70mm Flat 12mm BK7 Elliptic
AD092 74mm Flat 12mm BK7 Elliptic
AD091 80mm Flat 20mm BK7 Elliptic
AD037 88mm Flat 20mm BK7 Elliptic
AD018 104mm Flat 20mm BK7 Elliptic
AD077 120mm Flat 20mm Quartz Elliptic


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