93mm Refractor

                                                  Art No. : GS300-90mm F/11 EQ Refractor

The 90mm F/11 refractor is good quality beginner's telescope with good optical and mechanical quality. The telescope package comes complete with our precision designed equatorial mount with dual slow motion controls for sky tracking, and a polar scope for aligning the right ascension axis on the celestial pole and the adjustable aluminum tripod is braced with a large tray to keep your accessories securely in their place.


Photographically, you will get wonderful results with the moon and the planets. The smooth 2" micro 10:1 Crayford style focuser allows for precise focusing and will keep even heavy accessories precisely in position. The detail information and standard accessories of 90mm F/11 EQ refractor as follow:



* 90mm (3.6") achromatic object lens

* Focal length: 1000mm, F/11

* 2" Precision 10:1 Micro Crayford Style focuser

* Heavy-duty EQ mount

* Aluminum adjustable tripod


Standard accessories:


* 8x 50mm fully multi-coated achromatic Finder

* 4x 20mm Polar-alignment scope

* Premium Plossl 9mm (1.25")

* Premium SuperView 30mm (2") 

* Moon filter included

* Large accessories tray

* 7lbs Counterweights

* 18mm Counterweight shaft

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